A Look at ADHD

In today’s crazy-busy world, so many people are questioning whether they may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  They run around like “a chicken with its head cut off” as they multitask their way through each day of constant interruptions, hoping they haven’t forgotten anything critical.  Then at the end of their day, they try to relax so they can sleep, only the brain continues to race through lists of what didn’t get accomplished and lists of what they need to accomplish the next day.  More people are experiencing anxiety, loss of identity, depression, lack of self-confidence, frustration, and exhaustion.  But all of that can change!

Does any of this sound familiar?

1. You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired.  You can’t find the things you’re looking for.  Your kids are running the house while mail and laundry continue to pile up.  You’re having trouble remembering what you have to do for the week because you don’t use a calendar or schedule.  You rush out of the house for a meeting that you’re already 10 minutes late for and once you sit down and catch your breath, your phone rings.  It’s your neighbor calling to tell you that your dog is running around the neighborhood because you forgot to let it back in before you left the house.  Oh yeah, your neighbor hates your dog!  Click here.

2. You’re taking classes that seem to be getting more difficult as the year continues.  You’ve already been exposed to much of the material, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around it to memorize key points and you have a project to turn it on top of it.  Your living environment is not conducive to studying and you can’t find a place to sit down to study anyway.  When you do sit, you can’t stay long enough for any kind of quality studying because your mind and body just won’t stop squirming.  Your mind continues to drift to warmer months ahead because you’ll be getting with your friends to have fun outdoors.  You have two hours left before you have to turn in the project that you just began last night.

3. You are a parent of a 7 year old boy who is showing signs of impulsivity and restlessness at school.  His behaviors at school are becoming inappropriate at times and causing some concerns with the teachers.  He loves to run and summersault around the house and inadvertently crashes into furniture, people, and the family pets.  He can watch television or play with his Lego’s for hours on end but he can’t sit still enough to eat dinner at the table with the family.  His grades are good, but he does struggle in subjects like math and team sports.  He loves anything that moves, lights up, makes a noise, or can be thrown.  He is a bright and sensitive boy who can occupy himself easily outside as long as there are kids, animals or bugs to investigate.  Lean what resources you have available here.  Also, know what your parental rights are here.

4. You have just begun a new business for the first time.  You have carved out a nice office space in the corner of the dining room where you can keep an eye on the kids after school and listen to TV.  Everything takes longer and longer than you expected as you learn the new business between multi-tasking other family responsibilities.  The house shows signs of neglect because there just aren’t enough hours in a day to take care of business, kids, and the house.  Your spouse asks what you do each day, but your brain is completely taxed from too much mental strain to answer.  The family puppy just ran off with your new brand shoes to munch on, and to top it off, you haven’t had a vacation for six years!  Click here.

What can you do?

You know you have to make some drastic changes in your life, your home, and in your schedule, but time just won’t slow down enough for you to think about how to go about doing it, much less put those thoughts into action.   You’ve bought a few “self-help” books that were recommended to you, with good intentions to read them, but never opened them.  You’ve been playing this game of “catching up with yourself” for years and you know that one day it has got to stop…..or life is simply going to pass you by.  You wonder how you got into this mess and how you will ever get out so you can enjoy life again.

But there is hope!  I’ll bet you’d love to have some advice from an expert who will listen to you and understand your frustrations.  But more than that, you want someone who will partner with you to help you overcome this downward spiral without adding more to your already busy load.  You want someone to call when you feel like you’re back-sliding.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let us help you:

• understand who you are and what your strengths are
• make positive changes in your life and support you along the way
• focus on what’s most important right NOW
• motivate you, whether you are an ADD child, adult, or busy business professional
• learn techniques that eliminate stress and invoke calm
• create flexible schedules so you can be more productive
• get yourself and your environment organized

You deserve relief, hope, and solutions TODAY!  Isn’t it time you changed how you do things so you can enjoy life more fully and reach your full potential?

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