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Here is your ADD Medication Guide! 

Thank you for signing up to receive our free ADD Medication Guide and Totally Focused newsletter, which you may unsubscribe from at anytime.  We put this together for you to learn more about the names and categories of medications that are used to help ADDers thrive more effectively with the symptoms of ADD.  You have made a great choice to educate yourself more with this information since many times, when someone has been prescribed an ADD medication, it takes a lot of trial and error to achieve the best “fit”.  Everyone is different with how ADD affects them and how medications respond to an ADDers individual symptoms.  And even though you may have other members of your family who have had success with a specific medications, that does not mean that you or your child will have the same success.  Also, please visit my medications page for more information about ADD medications.

** Remember, treating the symptoms of ADD with medication alone is only half of the treatment plan.  Combining medication treatment and behavioral treatments together will produce the most successful outcome!

 ADD Medication Guide




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