Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

What does it mean to be gluten-free?

I’ve always known that wheat has gone through many changes over the years, but until I began to do some heavy research and read books on the subject, I never realized the impact this “modern” grain has on our bodies and our even more, in our brains.  I also never realized that almost two hundred diseases are a direct result of eating products that contain gluten–you know, the stuff that seems to be in almost every processed food out there, second to sugar!

How is it we’ve become a society that is literally eating its way to death?   The sadder fact is that the food and drug manufacturers know this very well and are delighted to profit from it.  It’s simply an industry that reaps the benefits from sales of cheap food and the consumers are the ones who are getting sick.   Now for the million dollar question…is it actually the genetically modified wheat that’s causing problems for people or is it the glusophate and  other toxic pesticides that continues to be injected and sprayed on grains?  Time will tell.

We want you to be healthy and be knowledgeable.  So, pages and posts in this site will provide you with the latest information  about food that may shock you, tick you off, and possibly even leave you feeling rather sick inside.  I’ve already been accused of ruining my husband’s love for eating (it takes time to read labels, wait for waiters to speak to chefs, research products and restaurants, and make good choices).  But really, it’s not me who’s to blame…’s the knowledge of  knowing that a lot of information that has been hidden from the American consumers for decades, is now becoming known.  And in the next few years, scientists and researchers will be disclosing more and more ugly truths about the food that the FDA approves for human consumption.

Unfortunately, unless you are willing to 1) open your mind right now,  2) do your research, and 3) change your food and lifestyle choices, you won’t realize until possibly too late, how your food choices can completely change and improve your life.

If you want to avoid unnecessary problems and diseases, stop (or avoid) taking medications, have more energy, and live a longer and happier life, come join me.  It’s time to strap on your seat belt because the ride may get a little bumpy along the way.

Gluten-Free is a LIFESTYLE

You just might be very tempted to eliminate gluten completely from your life.  With lots more information hitting the internet and news rooms across the country about the production, use of and problems pertaining to gluten and other grains, PLEASE consider getting tested before you eliminate it from your diet!  We want to be sure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Thorough testing is just as important as understanding the hidden dangers in gluten-free processed foods. So please don’t get trapped into thinking, “Ah, I’ll just switch to purchasing gluten-free products.”  That isn’t an answer because starches only raise blood sugar levels and cause weight gain and more visceral fat.  And when you eliminate wheat from a processed food, the replacement is starch…and sugar.  Shop smart.  Shop healthy!

Come back often to see what we’ve added.  We’re adding information monthly.

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