Coaching Services for busy people

Are you one of many people who are busy or overwhelmed and drained by the end of each day?  It’s no surprise with the constant demands that are constantly placed on us.  Whether you’re a young student working your way through college, a single parent of a child, an elderly adult or a parental team trying to “keep up with the Jones,” life is full of demands and unexpected surprises.  As a result, One Degree Forward was created and provides services to address these concerns.  We know the importance of becoming more aware of your body and the negative life habits that hold you back.

Like everyone around me, a healthy “life balance” was difficult to maintain.   This caused a lot of frustration and lack of concentration.  So, I decided to do something about it.  One day I made a decision to put my years of knowledge to work for others, therefore, One Degree Forward was born.  Since that day, hundreds of people have chosen to take control of their health.  They’ve learned to become more aware of their bodies, their time and their life purpose.

We know  how busy you are, so we provide proven, time-saving techniques so you can enjoy the things you love to do most.  The trick is to motivate you from within to live a healthier and happier lifestyle–one that supports your well being, vitality, higher energy, and life goals.

Services we provide…

You have only one crack at this life!  I know you want to enjoy your grandchildren as they grow, graduate from college and as they walk down the isle with the love of their life.  In other words, how you eat and exercise plays a huge role in your success.  The choices you make now can either shorten or lengthen your life.  I’m here to help you make the best choices for a healthier life right now!

Please take a look around this site.  If you have questions, you can refer to our Q&A page for more information about Wellness Education and Coaching.