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Today we are bombarded with lengthy commercials trying to sell you the latest and greatest pharmaceutical drug to help ease pain, minimize constipation, sleep better or lower this or raise that.  While insurance costs increase, people’s faith in our western medical system decreases.  Your health depends upon you!  Don’t you think it’s time to change how you think about health and wellness for you and your family?

At One Degree Forward, we give you and your family the tools to restore optimal health.  There is so much conflicting nutrition, dietary and wellness information out there, and you need a resource you can trust; someone who will listen to your concerns and takes a “whole-person” approach to healing.  Take your health to the next level and learn to fully understand how your body is impacted by your personal history and “programed” habits of self-care.

Life it too short to spend it managing negative symptoms.

So many people think that with old age comes aches and pains, arthritis, dementia, and a host of other problems.  But this is NOT TRUE!  You can actually turn the clocks back and reverse the aging process at any time.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or how badly you’ve teated your body.  If you want to regain your energy, vitality, joy and happiness that you once had, then you’re in the right place!

We’ll offer suggestions and advice on diet, green living, supplements, exercise, toxic overload and a personalized plan for optimal results.   But most of all, this site also teaches readers how to maintain lifelong health.  Your body is miraculously designed to signal you when it needs something or when it’s missing something.  The problem may be that you’re too busy to notice, so you overlook the warning signs and continue with habits that aren’t supportive.  Over time, those minor aches and pains turn into chronic problems–inflammation, chronic pain, stress, loss of sleep and a host of other problems–all of which could have been avoided.

We’re here to inspire you to live your healthiest life possible
right now!

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of life, but that way of living isn’t sustainable for your body.  Poor relationships, stressful jobs, poor eating habits along with raising a family all take a toll on your emotional, physical and psychological being.

A Health Coach takes a “whole person” approach to help you identify WHY you’re feeling the way you do and then we show you HOW to develop positive habits that support a healthier lifestyle.  Your awareness will increase, along with your energy and clarity…all without the use of costly medications!

I have worked with hundreds of families for over 25 years and guarantee that when you commit to making positive changes in your lifestyle, you WILL feel better.  You WILL have more energy.  You WILL reverse the aging process and live a higher quality of life!

We will help you…

  • learn how to live a gluten-free lifestyle confidently and easily–even if you are a busy parent.
  • get support in between doctor visits so you will have fewer visits.
  • improve your meal planning goals because you are what you eat.
  • restore the energy you once had by removing things that zap it from you.
  • learn to prepare healthy meals so you can save your hard-earned money on other fun things.
  • safely lose 10, 20, 40+ pounds by prioritizing your health goals.
  • reduce toxic exposure from your environment and the foods you eat.
  • redesign your health goals by creating your own personalized Healthy Lifestyle Plan.

We know how busy you are and this is why it’s so important to have someone in your court who values your time and provides fast and easy protocols for better health. Are you ready to restore the vitality and energy you once had?  You too can eat smarter, move more freely, feel younger, and live the kind of life you desire.  Just one conversation is all it takes to start living a happier, healthier life.  Contact me today!





Carol Rutger, Des Moines, IA

Carol Rutger, Des Moines, IA

I feel fortunate enough to have participated in one of Cathy’s Teleclasses and purchased  her ADD Parental Strategies program.  I really needed my husband to understand more about ADD so we could help our son better.  The program dove into who we are as people and showed us the importance of communication between us in order to communicate more effectively with our son.  I’d recommend this program to everyone, whether they have ADD kids or not.  It’s a real eye opener!  Thanks.

Leslie Coty, Roanoke, VA

Leslie Coty, Roanoke, VA

What a huge difference Cathy made in my office at work!  She helped me organize the mountains of paperwork and chaos and now it looks great!  I have a system that I know will work for me because she made sure that things were organized by how I use them…everything in its place!  I value Cathy’s creativity, integrity, originality and helpfulness in all the organizing/time management projects she does.  Next I plan to take her Time Strategies program so I can get my business calendar, appointments and desk organized.  Can’t wait!!

Bethenie Waudby, Camas, WA

Bethenie Waudby, Camas, WA

I have been working with Cathy as my life coach and for the first time in my 36 years I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!  Now I feel like its an accomplishable goal!  I have a purpose now and I’m so excited!