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I want to share this checklist with you because I feel that it is so important to understand how you learn.  When you understand this, you open a whole new world when it comes to processing various learning experiences.  But not only is it important to understand how you as an adult learn, it helps to understand how others around you learn and perceive and process information.  This helps in the work environment, in relationships with other adults, but especially in our relationships with our children.  When giving instructions, helping with homework, discipline, and even choosing toys or books for your children, you will be focusing your attention on what they enjoy and how they’ll enjoy them.  When hiring people to work with you, you’ll know things to look for that will compliment the position, not your personality.  And the list goes on.

Do you know what modality-based instruction is? 

It incorporates all of our senses, but it focuses on the three modes of presenting material that our education system uses for instruction–audition, vision, and kinesthesia.  The following document will help explain the importance of presenting information to others according to their best way of perceiving and processing it.

Modality-Based Instruction                                                                    

Adult Modality Checklist

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Disclaimer:  These checklists are intended to provide helpful and informative information for you, the reader, to better understand how you learn.  The checklists we share with our readers should not take the place of obtaining medical advice or diagnosis.

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