Five Elements for Coaching

How do YOU define health or healthy?

If you put some time into thinking about this question, you might find that your answer will be totally different from everyone else’s answers.  Why?  Because we all define health from our own unique perspective.  My idea of health or healthy will be different from yours.   This is because our everyday actions in how we align our health priorities differ.  It’s also because each person may or may not take accountability for their own health.

As more and more research unravels what we’ve been told to believe for decades,  you will have to make some choices that will be difficult to make.  We want to help you make better choices….not just for today….but for a lifetime!  Your life depends upon making better choices that optimize your health so you will feel better and live longer.

How do you do that?  You look at five different elements that everyone on planet earth experiences.  We’ve grouped them into five categories with subcategories within each.  When you are out of balance in just one area, it can cause you to be out of balance in many others.  As a result, you wind up in a downward spiral until you begin to work on that one area of your life.

Five Elements for Optimum Health and Well Being

  1.  Emotional Well Being –  your attitude towards your personal well being can cause you to succeed with triumphant glory or fail.  Your thinking, whether conscious or subconscious, should reflect a positive outlook; always searching for new possibilities with an open mind and heart.  That curiosity helps you always look for the possibilities in all situations.  This helps you to reduce stress and appreciate the small things life brings your way.
  2. Nutritional Well Being – Everything you choose to consume is building your body and health either for the better or for the worse.  Food IS medicine and it can have a huge impact on your health and healing!  Even though it takes time and effort to read labels, discover new tastes and textures, consider alternative brands and options, shop organically, or simply cooking our own foods, these steps toward better health offers huge rewards in the end!  More and more companies are using less expensive ingredients and numerous ways to trick you into thinking that their low fat, high sugar, gluten-free, all-natural, super duper improved options are “healthy options.”  Educate yourself and don’t be side-swiped by the manufacturer’s colorful, false claims.
  3. Physical Well Being – Are you tired of thinking you should go to the gym to tread miles on a treadmill as you go nowhere?  Then stop!  In fact, stop exercising all together!!  Instead, start moving!  Explore how your body moves in your own unique way.  Everyone’s body is different, but the components are all the same…and they need to move comfortably AND enjoyably many time every day.  Discover the fun of experiencing holistic sensory movement.  Our movement programs centers around how your body moves in fun exploratory ways while encouraging you to learn how to restore the body’s energy stores naturally.  Movement and exercise is vital for every cell in your body!
  4. Environmental Well Being – Believe it or not, your environmental well being can create a ripple effect for chronic pain, mental illness, and toxic overload. Why stay in a job that causes stress, unhappiness, or doesn’t use your true strengths and skills?  You can’t feel or see the slow progression of damage internally.  But what causes most people stress and frustration is the home and work environment.  Clutter alone can be “toxic” to the eyes and brain–you lose things, can’t think clearly and feel overwhelmed.  Air quality can be a huge problem in homes due to off-gasing of chemical and synthetic products, venting systems and chemicals used for cleaning.
  5. Social Well Being – All of your relationships should energize and uplift you as much as possible.  But we all have people in our lives who live to create drama and confrontations.   This sucks the life and energy out of you.  When you surround yourself with positive people who inspire and motivate you, however, your confidence stays high.   You naturally attract individuals with whom you can confide, relax, and explore future dreams.  After all, we were put on this earth to enjoy life with others as we play and laugh and serve our community.  Effective communication with others gives you a firm foundation on which to reduce the stress negative people can bring into your life.

These five elements are the foundational tools we use to help you begin an incredible journey to discovering your true self.  All of these elements provide Win-Win situations when you work toward improving them.  Self-discovery within a warm accepting environment creates a sturdy foundation on which so many positive things can be built.  If you want to feel better, think clearer, and be happier you WILL see results–it’s guaranteed!  Just take it one step at a time and feel the difference.


Cathy lives in Roanoke, Virginia and specializes in supporting individuals who desire to improve their health–the way they eat, move, feel and live.  She is a certified Health Coach & Educator with a strong passion for supporting each client in their journey to feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic.  Cathy presents workshops online and locally and regularly talks about real food, fitness, and living a happy and healthy life.  

Cathy is the creator of the Holistic Wellness Academy, an online training platform that will soon provide other wellness advocates a place to share their expertise with their clients so they too can learn how to eat smart, move more, feel better and live longer.


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