ADHD Consulting

What is ADHD Consulting?

If you are a parent and just learned that your child has been given the label of ADHD, don’t despair!  This actually is a good thing because ADHD consulting will help strengthen you to be a better parent.  Every day matters to the child who experiences the effects of ADHD.  Every day they realize how different they are and every day they feel less equipped to deal with it.

So often I hear people say, “One day I’ll get a handle on this ADHD thing.”  Right now is the time to learn how to make each day of your child’s life more enjoyable and manageable.  Every day counts!  Remember, this diagnosis does NOT define them!  It’s simply a label used to describe the characteristics of a condition that can be managed..

ADHD consulting is similar to Life Management Coaching except we target specific areas and challenges that the characteristics of ADHD brings to the table.  You will learn to:

  • become your own expert on the characteristics of ADHD
  • learn about FAPE, IDEA and Section 504 and how to request testing
  • work together as a team to establish goals
  • build a positive foundation for growth and support with an observational log
  • create an environment that offer consistency, organization and room for creativity
  • help your child succeed at home with checklists, rewards, medications, and positive habits
  • help your child succeed at school with homework tips, self-accountability, self-advocating and friends
  • feed your child (and family) foods that support the brain, the body AND the ADHD
  • manage your consistently inconsistent child

ADHD doesn’t go away–it is managed over time!

Even though you may hear adults say their ADHD went away, they actually learned coping skills that now support them.  Many times, however, those coping skills are not the best.  The result is a lot of “holes” that never get dealt with.  It has been proven that the earlier you learn about ADHD, the better the results.  If your child is in school, it’s imperative that you learn as much as you can as fast as you can.  You are your best child’s advocate to insure they succeed in school!   Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize your child’s true potential!

How does an ADHD consultant differ from a Therapist?

An ADHD consultant and therapist’s establish goals that determine what assistance is most appropriate for a client.  Both ask many questions and listen and reflect on what is discussed.  They also help to empower the client and accept them at whatever level they are at.  And both help their clients work toward their next highest level and place the responsibility on the client to do the work that is developed together.

A therapist usually places a great deal of focus on the client’s past, helping them  to understand their feelings, habits, and thoughts that hold them back from achieving their most important goals and aspirations.  They work to find out what makes their clients unhealthy mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

It has been said that therapy moves a person from dysfunctional to functional.
ADHD consulting moves a person from functional to extraordinary!

An ADHD consultant takes clients from where they are at the present moment to where they desire to be in the future.  You as a parent are taught the strategies needed to help you child create environments that work best for them–whether at home, at school, on the road or elsewhere.  A therapist may help resolve problems the child has, but teaching parents is not part of the process.  We help you look at alternatives to medication so you feel better about managing some of the ADHD traits with food and supplements.

Our approach is definitely outcome based.  You will receive lots of support, tricks, tools and guides to better understand your child’s needs and strengths.  A variety of assessments are also available to help get things off to a positive and productive start.  In the end, you have established a “tool kit” of strategies to make your life easier.

Moving forward…one degree at a time

A useful analogy is that of a house with a leaky basement.  The leaks must be located and repaired and the major water damage cleaned up before the basement can be restored.  Restoration must be accomplished first so the basement can become a really great and safe rec room.  ADHD consulting doesn’t come into play until the last stage of restoration work is behind you.  Once the space is restored, your consultant helps you design the room to suit your lifestyle needs.  Some habits need to change and the environment will be in constant change as well.

There is nothing more gratifying than watching my clients discover many “ah ha” moments.  When a strategy begins to work, stress and uncertainty disappear.  The partnership that forms paves the way to inner strength and understanding.  Parents become better at communicating with each other, their child, school faculty and medical professionals.  They learn to set their wants aside and place more focus naturally on the needs of their child.  Homework is less of a challenge and discipline is easier.  The result is a happier, more confident child and a happier, less stressed parent!

Are you ready to manage your child’s unique characteristics ?  If so, click here and we will arrange time to have an hour conversation.  Don’t let your child just survive with ADHD.  Help them to thrive!

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Is this service backed by a money back guarantee?

Yes!  All of our paid-in-full services are backed by a 60-day guarantee.  If you don’t feel like you are making the kind of progress you desire within 60 days of payment, we will refund  your payment minus a $75 processing fee.


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