Five Critical Elements for Health

If you put some time into thinking about what well being means to you, you will find your answer to be totally different from everyone else’s.  Why?  Because we all define health from our own unique perspective.   Our everyday actions with how we align our health priorities differ.  On top of that, there is a tremendous amount of confusion as to what it and what is not healthy.

People aren’t eating what they should, when they should.  Employers want employees to do the job of three people.  Our food supply is being bombarded with toxins and chemicals.  People aren’t getting the sleep they need.  The COVID-19 pandemic is causing stress, fear and anxiety around the world.  The list is a long and lengthy one.  Research told us to stay away from xxx but now it’s okay.  It’s no wonder people are confused and exhausted.

We know people want to improve their health, but it’s not something that’s easy to do if you don’t have the right information, time and support.  This is the reason for the five elements below.  We’ve grouped the critical elements of health into five categories.  When you are out of balance in just one area, it causes you to be out of balance in ALL of the others.  But When you begin to create balance in these five areas, you will be amazed in how you feel!  There is a way to improve these areas in an easy and unobtrusive way.  We stand strongly behind these five elements because they impact every aspect of your health.

Our five critical elements that impact health:

Restorative Sleep

As you know, when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it throws off your entire day.  You don’t make good food choices.  Decisions and choices are impaired and you feel like crud.  Your circadian rhythm id crucial for your overall health as it helps to balance out all the other elements.  Here are the benefits for getting the correct amount of sleep for your age and activity level.

Nutritional Nourishment

Everything you choose put on the end of your fork is either fueling and nourishing your body or causing illness.  Food IS medicine and it can have a huge impact on your health and even reverse unwanted acute conditions that are difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat.  When you learn how to shop for and prepare nutritious foods that support your body’s needs, you are allowing your body to begin to heal at the cellular level.  Cravings for unhealthy foods vanish, energy returns and you can look forward to many wonderful years of vibrancy and fun.

Physical Movement

Your body has been uniquely designed to move, so start moving!  Variety is key to “oiling” every joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and bone in your body.  Explore how your body moves in your own unique way–comfortably!  Experience how Holistic Sensory Movement is part of a magnificent symphony that also includes restorative sleep, meditation and stress management.  They all work together to help your body and brain continue to perform at peak performance throughout the day AND night.  Movement is an integral part of self-care and resilience to disease.

Stress Management

Believe it or not, certain kinds of stress can be good for you.  This means all stress isn’t bad.  Understanding the difference is very important so you can keep it in check.  When the stress switch is always on, it tears down the body’s defenses, leaving you vulnerable to diseases of all kinds.  But when you manage your stress levels throughout each day, you allow your body to restore itself so you can respond to your environment with intention and purpose.

Environmental Factors

Your environment plays a very big role in your overall health goals.   It can have a ripple effect for chronic pain, mental illness, and toxic overload in the body.  Toxins in your food and in and around your home slowly destroys your body’s defenses to fight off infections and diseases.  Not only that, but your satisfaction with your job, home life, and management of time and finances all factor into a healthy environment and supports you.  Set your daily intentions on the positive and uplifting things you surround yourself with.

The time is now!

These five elements are the foundational tools we use when you partner with us.   All of these elements provide Win-Win situations when you use them to optimize your overall health..  The time is now to start taking more control over the health of your body.  After all, it’s the only thing you truly have control over, right?  And you only have this one body to be happy within.  We are here to support you!  Just take it one degree forward and feel the difference.  Right now is the time to develop your healthy lifestyle plan!


Cathy is a certified Wellness Educator and Coach with a strong passion to help her clients in their journey to improve their overall health and vitality by searching for the sources of their illness and imbalance.  As a Healthy Lifestyle Planner, Cathy shares all of the practical ways people can reduce stress, recover their lost energy, restore their immune system function and manage and maintain their health goals over the years.  She empowers people to hit the pause button in life and become more in tune with their bodies by using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent lifestyle related diseases. This type of approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavioral changes that address the underlying causes of their condition.  

Cathy is also the creator and director of the Holistic Wellness Academy; an online training platform. The site offers clients and practitioners step-by-step courses that are short and actionable.  Each course is loaded with scientifically-backed information, ideas and practical, time-saving tips that empower and motivate people to successfully navigate through all the distractions life throws at us. Participants can also converse with fellow students for extra encouragement. She is finalizing her newest program, “RESTORE Your Immune System.”  This program explains why people are struggling to stay healthy and the steps they can take to balance and restore the body back to its natural homeostasis. Today it is so important for people to take back control of their health in order to reverse dis-ease.

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