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What is Business & Group Health Education?

Health Education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health.  Health education can take place in a number of different settings– individual,  business, or through community events.  We will happily come to you and present on the topics you see below.

As former Secretary to the Department of Health & Human Services, Tommy G. Thompson said over two decades ago, “So many of our health problems today can be avoided through diet, exercise and easy to do lifestyle changes.”  Since the human body and brain changes and evolves over time, health education is something that also changes and evolves as new information and scientific data comes to light.  It is this continuation of knowledge that is so important as we make instrumental decisions over the span of our lifetime.

By promoting and incorporating a healthier lifestyle, anyone can improve their quality of life and reduce healthcare costs dramatically!  But why is this such a difficult thing for most people to do? 

Lifestyle as medicine

Over 80% of the concerns people see their doctors about are lifestyle related!  In other words, any small changes you make in improving your lifestyle will make a big impact on how you feel and look.  You may not see changes right away, but you will feel them.  We believe that lifestyle is the foundation of health—because the body changes as it ages.  This is why we take an approach to improving health that is based on lifestyle medicine.  This approach takes a more comprehensive and natural approach to creating lifelong change.  We seek to identify and uncover the root cause of dis-ease, rather than focusing on managing or controlling the symptoms.  Investing in your health today allows you to enjoy your health in the future!

Topics we present:

Restoring Your Immune System

Many hours have been put into creating a comprehensive signature program for restoring the health of your immune health.  It covers all of the topics on this page in a way that helps you connect the dots and see just how interconnected everything in your body truly is.  We are very passionate about this subject because your immune function drives optimal health  and well-being.  Without a healthy immune system, the human body fails to thrive.  We  teach participants of this program how to maintain health as they go through life AND have the energy to meet all of life’s demands.  This is the first place to truly begin one’s health journey!

Nutrition:  Eating for fuel

Some people call me a “Foodie” because I appreciate the important role food plays in the body.  You can either eat processed foods that break down the body slowly over time, or you can eat quality foods that nourishes and fuels the body.  We don’t promote any specific diets, but we do promote a a flexible whole-food, plant based approach to eating that offers optimal health benefits.  Participants learn which foods cause digestive issues, cravings, and fatigue and which foods have remarkable healing properties.

Physical Movement

We help you adopt a movement plan that works with your body and your schedule.  Movement should be a combination of a variety of modality forms to help build muscle vs strength and flexibility.  This ensures that the body systems open completely while strengthening bone mass and muscle tone. We offer a unique holistic sensory movement program that is perfect for people who want or have to incorporate more movement into their lives.  This program brings a much needed awareness to pain points and stiffness so participants can gently and joyfully work on specific areas.  The joy of movement is far more important than movement itself.

Reducing Environmental Toxins

Everyone is exposed to hundreds of toxins each and every day.  There is no way of working around this.  But there are many things you can do to reduce your exposure.  We share the main sources of exposure and help you implement ways to reduce exposure and reduce the toxic burden within your body.  You will be very surprised at the number of toxins we are exposed to daily.

Energy & Mitochondria Health

Participants learn where energy truly comes from and how to obtain more through improved health practices.  New science is showing us more evidence that supports mitochondria growth and strength, and how it impacts energy at the cellular level.  There are many very easy things people can do increase the body’s natural energy reserves by tapping into existing energy storage, not by adding stimulants.

Stress management

Believe it or not, there is good stress and bad stress.  It isn’t all bad!  Participants learn to distinguish between the two and even learn how to use short-term stress to help build not only stronger mitochondria, but more of them!  They also learn the different types of stress and ways to manage stressful situations when they arise.  Our immune health relies on how well we are able to minimize and overcome the obstacles that trigger stress responses in the body.

Importance of Restorative Sleep

One of the worst things that affects our health the most is losing sleep.  When we don’t get the sleep we need each night is knocks everything else completely out of balance.  Participants learn the connection between sleep and their circadian rhythm–the body’s 24-hour internal clock.  This master clock is directly influenced by environmental cues, especially light.  Participants will learn many simple tricks for improving restorative sleep habits while maximizing memory and energy.  Even though this is one of the most critical elements for health, it is actually the easiest one to change through tweaking lifestyle habits.

Regulating Digestive Health

Scientific data continues to reveal more and more new information that continues to debunk old philosophies about digestive health.  Participants  learn about the gut-brain highway, the gut’s own circadian rhythm (something few people even know about), how nutrients are absorbed (or not) and how your gut health is a predictor of brain health.  We used to think that emotions resided in the brain, but new research has proven that emotions actually reside in the gut and travel to the brain.   There are many ways to keep the gut happy, but modern lifestyles and consuming refined, processed and manufactured food alters its chemistry and causes dis-ease.

Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Imagine being a very busy person and you just learned that your body and the gluten found in wheat, does not play well together.  This means that that highly addictive and brain-disruptive tasty bread you’ve eaten all of your life has to go.  Not only do you have to deal with wheat withdrawal, but mentally, it’s a difficult thing to give up!  Living without products that contain wheat is a huge step toward better health for your brain and body.  It is also a lifestyle that will allow you to become more aware of what is in your food so you make better choices and decisions about what you consume.  Participants walk away with a much clearer understanding of the destructive properties in wheat so they can have more confidence as they live a life without it.

Arranging Presentation Workshops

Our goal is always to help individuals embrace the fact that they CAN positively impact their overall health simply by leaning how to make positive, sustainable choices and decisions every day.  Every small, intentional step people take in our programs, workshops and courses, is designed to support forward growth and sustainable wellness to reduce the risk of disease.  For businesses, this means happier, healthier employees, less absenteeism and sickness, less down time from afternoon fatigue, and higher productivity all through the day.  We make sure participants are engaged in discussions and use the knowledge they learn, not just file it away.

We want to inspire community awareness and change!  The larger the group, the stronger we become.  And the stronger we become, the more we can initiate positive change and strengthen our community.

If you are considering a different approach to health for your business/organization or community, please contact us with the topic of your choice and any questions.  We will be happy to support you in creating a healthier environment for your employees!

You can contact us with any questions and make your payment selections below.  We will then send you a brief outline and overview for the topic of your choice.  Each workshop is 2 hours long (except for 1-hour luncheons).  If you are seeking a longer, say half-day workshop, we can certainly accommodate your needs.

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Cathy is a certified Wellness Educator and Coach with a strong passion to help her clients in their journey to improve their overall health and vitality.  As a Healthy Lifestyle Planner, Cathy shares all of the practical ways to reduce stress, recover lost energy, restore immune health and manage and maintain health goals over the years.  She empowers people to hit the pause button in life and become more in tune with their bodies by using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent lifestyle related diseases. This type of approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavioral changes that address the underlying causes of their conditions.  


Cathy is also the creator and director of the Holistic Wellness Academy; an online training platform. The site offers clients and practitioners step-by-step courses that are short and actionable.  Each course is loaded with scientifically-backed information, ideas and practical, time-saving tips that empower and motivate people to successfully navigate through all the distractions life throws at us.  She also is finalizing her newest program, “RESTORE Your Immune System.”  This program explains why people are struggling to stay healthy and the steps they can take to balance and restore the body back to its natural homeostasis. Today it is so important for people to take back control of their health in order to reverse dis-ease.

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