The Power of Fermented Foods

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

6:30pm – 7:45pm

Part 3:  Eat This!  Not That!

If you truly want to invest in your health from the inside out, this 3rd part of the series is where we’ll dive deeper into foods that can WILL change your life!  You will be trying foods you may have never tasted before.  And you’ll be adding some serious tools to your tool belt of health.  These are the real things you can do in your life that will make a HUGE difference in improving your energy, sleep, digestion, mental clarity, immunity….the list just goes on and on.  You are what you eat!

Workshop 16:  The Power of Fermented Foods

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about probiotics and how they help the delicate balance of bacteria in your digestive tract. Probiotics have been shown to help slow or reverse some diseases, aid digestion and improve bowel movement and immunity. Come learn how to improve your digestion and overall health using fermented foods and taste them for yourself.  You can easily make your own at home for pennies.

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Event Location

CoLab, 1327 Grandin Rd SW
Roanoke, VA, 24015

Event Fees

The Power of Fermented Foods
$ 10.00