Gluten Testing Guide

Have you been experiencing digestive problems that don’t seem to go away?  You might get bloated after eating.  Perhaps you start eating only to begin feeling lousy after your 5th bite.

Of you might have skin problems (redness or rashes) or constant fatigue that keeps you from doing the things you used to do without any problems at all.  You used to enjoy certain activities, but now your desire to do them has diminished.

You might be asking yourself why you are more prone to headaches, irritability, weight gain, loss of weight or even depression.  You just can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of the problems.

Believe it or not, sensitivities and allergies can creep up on you from nowhere and put your life into a tailspin.  Your family doctor can’t find anything out of the ordinary because your standard blood tests are fairly normal.  You’ve been eating the same foods, lived in the same house and been at the same job for years.  What’s going on?

Like most people, you begin to accept that as you get older, you begin to have problems with memory, weight, lack of energy or a myriad of other “age-related” problems.  But I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case and those problems CAN be reversed.  First you need to start with the right tests!

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