Healthy Lifestyle Planning & Maintenance

What is Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Coaching?

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Coaching is all about supporting people as they learn new ways to change how they think about their health.  During our time together, clients are learning and being inspired to completely invest in their personal health.  They learn how to listen to what the body is trying to say, then respond with intention and purpose.  The end results are clearer intuition, more energy and vitality as you age.

How do I keep “life” from derailing me?

This is where we come in.  You see, no matter what, life it going to throw you off track.  Family, work and relationships will get in the way.   Finances and technological distractions will get in the way.  Even your inner thoughts and feelings can derail your honest efforts to make positive and lasting changes.  My job is to help hold you accountable so you make the small changes that inspire and motivate you to continue to want to improve your health.  The more inspired you become, the more optimistic and empowered you are.  You wake up knowing you have a purpose–to joyfully feel better than you have in years–and stay that way!  All of that positive energy is what keeps you on track and fuels you to pursue your goals and dreams.

Your thoughts and feelings about who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and your hopes and dreams.  All of these can be drivers toward positive change or stagnation.  So we work together to change negative thought patterns and unhealthy habits until you finally realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…if you want it badly enough.

Lifestyle planning dives into many aspects of what makes you, you.   Clients  learn to make sense of all the conflicting dietary, nutritional, medical and fitness advice they’ve been given for years.  New research is coming out daily that proves how much of what we all have been conditioned to believe is not healthy.

Everyone has the right to feel their best each and every day, but we also know that change is difficult, especially in today’s fast-paced culture.   We use a whole-person approach and tailor and individualize our wellness plans to meet our client’s needs.  We are professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential now while you continue to make positive, healthy changes along the way.  As new research come out, you will be a step ahead of everyone else!

Health coaching works closely with you to clarify your present reality (where you are right now), address personal and professional challenges and obstacles (that pop up unannounced), and pull it all together by setting attainable goals (continued success one step at at time).  We work together to help you break the negative patterns that have caused you to stay stuck.

How can Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance help me succeed?

Everyone has to eat in order to sustain their bodies.  But our Standard American Diet (SAD) is doing more harm to the human body than good.  A good coach understands that 75% of Americans are depleted in the vital nutrients needed for optimum health and energy.  Through objective perspective, active listening, and insight, we take a holistic approach to supporting you as a whole person.   We use a simple four-step process, just like we do with our other coaching packages.   But this process  helps give you a chance to reverse symptoms and restore health.:

  • Identify and analyze barriers, challenges, obstacles and bad habits
  • Create a vision or road map for what you want
  • Devise plans of action to achieve specific outcomes to goals
  • Foster continued awareness, accountability and purposeful intention

Discover your future destination!

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Coaching is different from life coaching.  As a certified health educator and coach, I provide my clients with the following support:

  • educational support that inspires and motivates change from within
  • personalized, whole-body approach that starts with food education
  • tracking of food choices
  • personalized blueprint action plan
  • guidance for health maintenance between doctor visits
  • a safe space where you feel comfortable to share concerns and intentionally build a healthy future
  • step-by-step menu planning that takes into consideration bio-individual needs and toxin removal
  • how a whole food, plant-based lifestyle promotes optimum health and decreases unnecessary inflammation
  • motivational and accountability support to insure continued productivity and success
  • support to reverse dis-ease, which naturally addresses weight loss, increased energy, improved vitality and reversal of ailments such as Type II diabetes, allergies, acid re-flux, digestive and skin problems, wheat belly, headaches and more
  • movement programs that target specific muscle groups, bone health and body and mental awareness
  • free admittance to some workshops, webinars, and online courses
  • a chance to live the kind of life you were meant to live

Along with your day-to-day busy-ness comes a lack of time and energy, and habits that…well…don’t really reflect the way you know you should eat or take care of your physical body.  The result is more fatigue, less time doing the things you want and less time relaxing with friends and family.  Why sacrifice these things as you age?

Design your healthy lifestyle plan now so you don’t waste time and money later!

With the COVID-19 virus running rampant around the world today, each of us has to make some pretty difficult changes in how we interact with people in our environment.  “Social distancing” is becoming the new catch phrase and

Today people grab fast food that’s full of unhealthy fats and carbs.  They eat in their cars while driving down the road, without actually tasting their food.  They gobble down food in front of the TV, then wonder where it all went.  The focus of eating is to fill the stomach with something–anything–that will satisfy hunger and/or cravings.

On top of that, our sedentary jobs cause a ton of problems for the body. People are moving less.  They tire far too easily and quickly and experience headaches, skin and digestive problems, joint, muscle and body pain.  They are drained of energy and therefore, a willingness to change their life habits.  These are vicious cycles that only robs them of a happy, energetic, long-living future.

Learn how to use lifestyle medicine to overcome disease, illness, and discomfort, restore family health, slow down fast-paced modern family life, reduce stress, and return your family to the ease of wellness, naturally.

Is this service backed by a money back guarantee?

Yes!  All of our services are backed by a 60-day guarantee.  If you don’t feel like you are making the kind of progress you desire within 60 days of payment, we will refund  your payment minus a $75 processing fee.

We are a nation of obese people who rely on drugs to manage the illnesses until we die.  If you want to break away from this pattern, contact us today!


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Cathy is a certified Wellness Educator and Coach with a strong passion to help her clients in their journey to improve their overall health and vitality.  As a Healthy Lifestyle Planner, Cathy shares all of the practical ways to reduce stress, recover lost energy, restore immune health and manage and maintain health goals over the years.  She empowers people to hit the pause button in life and become more in tune with their bodies by using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent lifestyle related diseases. This type of approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavioral changes that address the underlying causes of their conditions.  

Cathy is also the creator and director of the Holistic Wellness Academy; an online training platform. The site offers clients and practitioners step-by-step courses that are short and actionable.  Each course is loaded with scientifically-backed information, ideas and practical, time-saving tips that empower and motivate people to successfully navigate through all the distractions life throws at us. She is also finalizing her newest program, “RESTORE Your Immune System.”  This program explains why people are struggling to stay healthy and the steps they can take to balance and restore the body back to its natural homeostasis. Today it is so important for people to take back control of their health in order to reverse dis-ease.

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