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Are you tired of living with pain and discomfort?
Do you wake up feeling stiff?
Do you experience pain in tendons and joints?
Are you needing to strengthen muscle tone?
Do you want more endurance and balance?
Are you ready to alleviate stress and invoke calm?

I invite you to experience Nia–Neuromuscular Integrative Action.   Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.  It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • Nia is different in that it focuses on HOW you move your body.  It invites you to move the way your body wants to move–Your Body’s Way.  After all, your body is physically designed for movement.  And when you experience pain, your brain kicks in and tells you to limit movement so you don’t have to experience the pain.  BUT, movement of any kind is far better for you than no movement at all.  The more you understand the design and function of your body, the more you can consciously make choices to redirect your actions and improve comfort, function and overall health.
  • Nia invites you to become AWARE of your body and asks you to sense your 13 major joints, your muscles, your tendons and your bones as you learn to locate and define where pain points are and learn to understand how to move those areas of your body gently, easily and without pain.  Nia will change your body and your life in wonderful ways.  Here are the sixteen main benefits Nia offers:
    1)  It increases the pleasure of living in your own unique body.
    2)  It creates weight loss and proper weight maintenance.
    3)  It strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, and increases muscle definition.
    4)  It improves concentration and cognitive function.
    5)  It improves endurance.
    6)  It increases grace and flexibility.
    7)  It balances the autonomic nervous system.
    8)  It improves organ function–particularly that of the heart and lungs.
    9)  It improves posture and can even increase height.
    10)  It enhance sensory awareness.
    11)  It heightens sexual function.
    12)  It builds reservoirs of chi.
    13)  It alleviates emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress
    disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and anger-management problems.
    14)  It improves circulation of blood and improves lymphatic drainage.
    15)  It strengthens immunity.
    16) It calms the mind and relieves stress.

What are you waiting for?
Movement programs are often offered in the Roanoke area.
To register for workshops and programs, contact me for upcoming programs.

What is Nia?

Nia is a living system that lives and breathes through the natural intelligence of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of each person.  Nia teaches us how to listen to the Voices of the Body in order to make changes that increase the sensation of Pleasure in our lives.  The first “fusion fitness” program in the world,  Nia blends Eastern and Western movements, concepts, and philosophies into a powerful practice that emotionally inspires people to get healthy and fit while exploring their human potential and purpose.

The Science of Nia refers to why we do what we do.  Nia is based in what we call The Body’s Way, an applied science of using the body in accord with its specific design and structure.  The more you understand the design and function of the body, the more you can consciously make choices to redirect your actions and improve comfort, function, and overall health.  Use somatic exploration of science to validate what we do in Nia.

Nia offers…

  • a fitness and lifestyle practice for creating a sacred livelihood.
  • a cardiovascular program that uses music and whole body expressive movement.
  • non-impact and safe for the joints.
  • a combination of nine classic movement forms from three arts:  Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido), Healing Arts (The Alexander Technique, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Yoga), and Dance (Duncan, Jazz, Modern).
  • a revolutionary self-healing technique that uses the sensation of Pleasure as the primary motivating force for creative change.
  • adaptable to every age, fitness level, and body type, even those with limitations and special needs.
  • an evolutionary body of somatic education that transforms bodies and lives.

Cathy is a certified white belt Nia instructor.  She obtained her certification in Seattle, Washington.


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