Holistic Sensory Movement Project

dancers--holistic-sensory-music“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song!

“I want to feel sexier!”

“I want to exercise without feeling like I’m exercising!”

“Sometimes I feel like my body is screaming at me to move it!”

“My body is trying to tell me to move, but I don’t know what it really needs.”

Can you relate with any or all of these?  These are comments I’ve actually heard from friends and work colleagues.  You see, your body needs to move a heck of a lot more than it actually does.  I don’t mean getting up to go into the kitchen or break room and get a glass of water–although it’s great if you do this.  But once you get that water, what do you do?  You sit back down again.  So many of us think this kind of movement is all we really need when we “take a break.”

Have you ever been working at your desk and all of a sudden your legs begin to twitch?  You shift leg position, but it doesn’t really help.  You might even stretch your legs out in front of you and flex your feet a few times, but that didn’t help.  Your trip to get some water also didn’t help.  But you HAVE to sit and get your work done…

Now, imagine yourself taking a few seconds to close your eyes and determine what sort of sensations you’re actually feeling in your legs.   You know that your thigh muscles seem to be aching a bit.  You are aware of the pressure you feel in your bottom as it makes connection with the seat you’re sitting in.  You realize that you’ve been in much the same position for several hours with a few breaks in between.  You decide you’ve had enough and you’re going to do something.  Your body is talking to you and you’re going to do something about it!

So you get up, you have conveniently stored in your phone some tunes that you just love–they move you in ways other tunes don’t.  So you get up, push your chair aside, and close your office door (okay, maybe you’ll just have to find a secret place where you can be alone for a few minutes by yourself).  You find your space to move, start that awesome song and…… you let the music move your body as you target the parts of your body that were telling you to move it…NOW!

You spend less than 5 minutes sensing your thigh muscles.  You perform a few slow lunges as you reach out and stretch your spine, shoulders, arms and fingers.  You gently twist your hips as they find their own rhythm with the music.  You look up as you reach, in slow motion, and swim your arms as if you’re doing the back stroke while you slowly bend your back backwards.  Ah, that feels so incredibly good…

The music continues as your body responds.  You bend and find yourself into a downward dog yoga pose.  You lift one leg up behind you and bend it as you rotate your torso and open up your spine.  After a few of these, the song is almost over and you sway while sensing those muscles and bones that were problematic before you began.

You return to your desk and take a few deep, cleansing breaths in through your nose as you exhale through your mouth.  Suddenly you feel refreshed.  You can focus on your work now because you have just given your body what it needed for a few short minutes.  And once you’ve cleaned up all the dinner dishes, you know you can spend more time “dancing” to another one of your awesome songs as you continue to work on those areas.  You do this because it’s not only fun and it brings you joy, but also because you’ve just opened up channels in your body that were closed off.  You do this because it provides you with the energy needed to get you through the rest of the evening and even some energy to spare until lunch time the next day.

Imagine how awesome it would feel to know how to do this comfortably and joyfully as you become even more aware of what your body is telling you daily.  How great would it be for the music to move you instead of you consciously making the effort to move.  This freedom can be yours to enjoy as you learn to listen to your body and explore all the ways it was designed naturally to move.

If this sounds like something you could see yourself doing, come join us.  I am launching a new vision for movement that incorporates a number of dance, healing and martial arts.  You can learn to connect with your body mentally and spiritually as you explore balance, flexibility, stability, agility, strength and mobility.   If you’d like to join us locally as we launch this new form of fitness, fill out the HSM questionnaire and let’s get started.  We begin the first week in August, 2018.