How Do Toxins Affect Your Body?

How Do Toxins Affect Your Body?

I’ve been asked a few times if diabetes in linked to toxic build up in the body, so I decided to do some research on the subject.  Let me share with you what I learned.

There are many studies to date that show that the more toxin build up there is in the person’s body, the more they are at risk of developing diabetes.  So, right now diabetes is considered to be the number one problem so many people face today.  It also happens to be one of the worst diseases that is caused by all of these toxins. 

How are you being bombarded with toxins?

Over the past ten years, there has been an increase in diabetes by a factor of 10 to 15!  Too many people are dealing with a problem that can be reversed once they stop putting toxins into and onto their bodies!  I want to dive deeper into this subject in the hopes that it will bring to light one fact; over time, toxins destroy the ability of our body to heal itself the way it is designed to heal.  This means people are guaranteed to age faster and get sick easier unless they take steps to remove those unwanted toxins.

I want to begin by sharing how we are continuously being bombarded with toxins from the foods you eat.  This is just one way toxins enter into your body.

For decades we have been told that a little bit of exposure to the sprayed toxins, like the glyphosate in Round Up, or similar products, isn’t harmful to us.  A little bit won’t pose any side effects. What? This is true if we hardly ever eat the foods that have been sprayed.  But most of our food today HAS been sprayed with numerous chemicals AND you are eating them with every bite you take! 

The more you consume pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, the more they build up in your body.  The more they build up, the more they cause problems as you age. Toxins have the ability to induce disease (dis-ease) within the body if they are left to accumulate year after year.  This is what is happening in your body. It’s no wonder so many people become sicker the older they get! Remember, if your body can’t get rid of “foreign” substances, it stores it!

Why are most of our plants sprayed?

The problem is that most of our fruits, vegetables and grains have been genetically modified to resist insects from destroying crops.  Farmers who grow corn, soy and wheat in particular, and receive subsidies from the government, are required to purchase these genetically modified seeds.  In other words, they can’t choose to purchase non-genetically modified seeds elsewhere or they lose their subsidies! Yep. Next, the seeds are planted. Because those pesky insects are adapting and becoming more resistant to these chemicals (have you heard of the term “super bugs”?), more toxins are being sprayed to repel and kill those pesky insects.  This isn’t going to change, and it will get worse.

Time for the most important meal of the day: breakfast

The chemicals that are sprayed on your produce and grains are designed to attack the nervous system of the insects, thereby killing them.  Okay, they are small and so that makes sense. Bugs are [hopefully] dead. Now let’s eat!

You decide to make or buy something for breakfast. So you have a sandwich made with your animal protein of choice that has eaten sprayed grains. On top of that, they’ve also been given antibiotics, growth hormones and other things to fatten them up and keep them alive until slaughter. The toxins have accumulated in the meat of that animal and now they are part of your morning breakfast. Yum!

Next you decide to add in some bread that has been made from genetically altered wheat that has been sprayed right before harvest to ensure a complete and even drying.

You know that fruit with breakfast is a healthy choice, so you add in some fruit or fruit juice that has also been sprayed or treated as well….. How does that breakfast sound now? You have just ingested a mixed cocktail of toxins and it’s not even 9AM yet!

Now let’s add in lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert.  You are consuming small doses of different toxic chemicals EVERY SINGLE DAY of every single week, of every single month….  The more you consume these foods, the more they build up in your system.  Are you beginning to think, organic?

Toxic cocktails and your body

The more toxins build up in your body, the more your body fights hard to either get rid of them or store them.  This causes a lot of silent stress within you. Some chemicals can leave your body by urination, sweat, or stools. But many others cannot, so they get stored in your fatty tissues (your brain, nerves, glands and in the fat around your tummy).  Until they find their resting place or exit point, they are left to move around in your body. Your body is constantly in an attack mode–a switch that is forever on and forever wearing down your immune system.  This causes a lot of invisible stress that slowly sabotages your immune health, your energy, mental clarity, and every cell in your body.

So, now you know that your body doesn’t know what to do with small traces of toxins.  Imagine how it struggles to deal with a constant bombardment of different kinds of toxins every day.  When you think about it, if you consume food between the hours of 7:30 AM and 9:00 PM, you are introducing into your body to at least fourteen and a half hours of toxic chemicals every day!

Join me in my next post when I go into more detail about other toxins and what you can do to start restoring your health.

Cathy is a certified Wellness Educator and Coach with a strong passion to help her clients in their journey to improve their overall health and vitality by searching for the sources of their illness and imbalance.  As a Healthy Lifestyle Planner, Cathy shares all of the practical ways people can reduce stress, recover their lost energy, restore their immune system function and manage and maintain their health goals over the years.  She empowers people to hit the pause button in life and become more in tune with their bodies by using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent lifestyle related diseases. This type of approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavioral changes that address the underlying causes of their condition.  

Cathy is also the creator and director of the Holistic Wellness Academy; an online training platform. The site offers clients and practitioners step-by-step courses that are short and actionable.  Each course is loaded with scientifically-backed information, ideas and practical, time-saving tips that empower and motivate people to successfully navigate through all the distractions life throws at us. Participants can also converse with fellow students for extra encouragement. She is finalizing her newest program, “RESTORE Your Immune System.”  This program explains why people are struggling to stay healthy and the steps they can take to balance and restore the body back to its natural homeostasis. Today it is so important for people to take back control of their health in order to reverse dis-ease.

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