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Health Coaching & consulting is for people who need answers and support to strategize their health as it is right now and the kind of healthy lifestyle they want in the future. Everyone lives a busy life and doesn’t have time to waste.  But at the same time, they  have health concerns that need to be addressed.  Together we will strategize  and address positive and effective approaches to get you started on your journey.  

What you need to know

Every person is a bio-individual and every person’s needs are different.  As a result, every person’s program centers around their unique needs and lifestyle.  As a team, we partner up to determine the lifestyle changes that will promote your optimum health right now.  As we do this, we are always examining your future lifestyle needs and desires.  Your personalized program–whether one-on-one or group–puts you in charge of your health.  After all, you know your body best.  This allows you to radically improve your health and happiness one step at a time.  Together, we will explore concerns specific to you, your body and your environment, and discover the tools you need to get you started.

Step One

Payment for services.  As we are not contracted with any insurance companies, we require payment to be made prior to services beginning.  You are 100% responsible for all fees.  PayPal and major credit cards are accepted below.

In our 6-month program, clients through a step-by-step process that treats their individual needs, not their symptoms.  This is really important for you to understand because we dig deep to find the root of the problems you’re experiencing.  After our initial consultation, you will first be asked to fill out a comprehensive Health Discovery Inventory that provides a brief picture of your past history.  We then schedule your sessions, typically at the same day and time each month.  Sessions are held on Tue, Wed and Thu on the first and third weeks of each month.

You can also purchase a single session below.  This is for people who need answers to questions right away.  Together we can strategize and design the perfect approach you can take.

Step Two

Assess and address.  Before and after each coaching session, you are asked to answer a few questions.  The first act as a guide for us to discuss what health concerns are most prevalent in your life right now.  The post session questions help to solidify what we discussed.  My clients find these few questions are extremely helpful as they act like a journal to refer back to so they can see their accomplishments (and any setbacks that they may have experienced).  This practice also helps to hold you accountable for actions you commit to accomplishing. 

Step three

Moving forward one degree at a time.  During the coaching conversation we briefly “clear the space” then intentionally focus on your health concerns.  This time goes by quickly, so it’s important that we stay on task and concentrate on  creating successful benchmarks and resolution. You will always walk away with a couple of action steps to work on and any resources that may be of help to you.

Benefits of your 6-month program:

  • Unlock patterns in your life that are stopping you from succeeding with attaining your desires.
  • You will learn how to set short and long-term goals that keep you moving forward in positive ways.
  • If creating a meal plan is one of your goals, energy naturally increases and weight naturally decreases.
  • You will understand how the human body responds to food, exercise, sleep, stress and toxins in your living and work environments.
  • Self-awareness increases and you will reconnect with your body as a machine–a vehicle with great potential.
  • Learn all sorts of kitchen hacks to speed up evening meals so you have more time doing what you want to do after work.
  • For the first time, in a long time, you will truly focus on YOU.
  • Understand the the difference between good and bad stress and how to benefit from it.
  • Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past as you understand how your circadian rhythm works around the clock.
  • Learn to incorporate full-body movements into any and all activities, day or night.
  • Understand the importance of nourishing and increasing your gut microbiota which fuels your energy at the cellular level.
  • And so much more….

The natural results you can expect from your 6-month program are:

  • increase of energy, vitality and happiness
  • learning to use food as medicine and to fuel your body
  • loss of unwanted pounds naturally
  • replace unproductive habits with positive, productive ones
  • have a heightened awareness of your body’s warning signals
  • create personal space to rest and recharge
  • discover how to create your personalized Healthy Lifestyle Plan
  • learn that you are a perfectly imperfect and beautiful person just the way you are

Your program includes:

  • two 50-minute sessions per month (3 sessions can also be arranged)
  • membership in our Holistic Wellness Academy
  • free e-books and other support resources
  • coaching and support to help you make the lifestyle changes you desire
  • confidential, safe space to share your thoughts, feelings, and dreams
  • delicious recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  • free access to many local workshops, health challenges, webinars and discounts to programs
  • informative handouts and cheat sheet to create your own health plan
  • access to  newsletters with the latest trends, health tips and recipes
  • my personal commitment to your health and success

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free Health Discovery session with me.   During this session, we will discuss your wellness and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your long-term wellness goals.  We look forward to supporting you!

Contact me today with questions to help you begin living your healthiest life possible!

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Cathy is a certified Wellness Educator and Coach with a strong passion to help her clients in their journey to improve their overall health and vitality.  As a Healthy Lifestyle Planner, Cathy shares all of the practical ways to reduce stress, recover lost energy, restore immune health and manage and maintain health goals over the years.  She empowers people to hit the pause button in life and become more in tune with their bodies by using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent lifestyle related diseases. This type of approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavioral changes that address the underlying causes of their conditions.  

Cathy is also the creator and director of the Holistic Wellness Academy; an online training platform. The site offers clients and practitioners step-by-step courses that are short and actionable.  Each course is loaded with scientifically-backed information, ideas and practical, time-saving tips that empower and motivate people to successfully navigate through all the distractions life throws at us. Participants can also converse with fellow students for extra encouragement. She is finalizing her newest program, “RESTORE Your Immune System.”  This program explains why people are struggling to stay healthy and the steps they can take to balance and restore the body back to its natural homeostasis. Today it is so important for people to take back control of their health in order to reverse dis-ease.

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