Life Management Coaching

What is Life Management Coaching?

Life Management Coaching provides a professionally trained person to help you learn what your true purpose in life is…and strive toward it.  Maybe you want to get better organized at home or in your office at work.  Perhaps you are new to using a day planner to help you keep track of weekly tasks. Maybe you feel constantly overwhelmed or depressed and you’ve decided you’ve had enough.  You want the energy and vitality you had years ago.  That’s what we can help you with!

By addressing personal road blocks, a management coach is able to  help you clarify your present reality (where you are right now), set attainable goals (to keep you moving forward), and help you break down those negative habits that cause you to stay stuck and block your path to success.

How can Life Management Coaching help me succeed?

The answer is yes!  A good management coach combines experience, active listening, motivational support, accountability, objective perspective and insight into the coaching experience.   As a Health Coach, I am trained to help you discover your full potential through these four steps:

  • Identify and analyze barriers, obstacles and challenges
  • Create a vision or roadmap for what you want
  • Devise plans of action to achieve specific outcomes
  • Foster continued awareness and accountability to maximize productivity

Sick care vs. health care  –  the big difference!

As the Boston Globe stated in an article in 2012, “The foundation of our current health care system is the treatment of illness and disease rather than the promotion of good health.”  It goes on to suggest that if we want to prevent conditions such as type II Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and certain cancers, then we need to  create “the conditions to make it possible for people to take better care of themselves”.

Within a “sick-care” system, doctors make the decisions for us.  Their education teaches and prepares them to isolate a problem and treat it.  That may mean suggesting other specialists, surgery, medications or lifestyle changes. After their short visit, the patient returns home to manage their illness, oftentimes with medications designed to suppress or heal the symptoms.  But wait!  Does anyone talk about what caused the problems in the first place?

In a “health-care” system, individuals make a choice to take their health in their own hands.  They learn how to listen to and monitor their bodies, noticing subtle changes in how they feel overall each day.  The body is given the ability to heal from within with support and guidance.  Tracking of food, exercise, sleep and positive relationships are a daily norm.  They understand how quality diet and regular exercise combine to boosts the immune system, extend the quality of life AND even reverse disease!!  So, this whole-body approach helps the individual recognize red flags and define the triggers causing the discomfort.  Together, with the help of a team of holistic/alternative wellness advocates, you find causes, treat them and end habitual cycles that create disease.  Your body is your temple…and you have a choice!

How does Life Management coaching help me between doctor visits?

It has been proven that in order to maximize your desire to feel and be your best, it’s harder to attempt to do it on your own.  Therefore, when working with a coach weekly, you an boost your motivation and productivity by more than 80%!  That’s huge when you are serious about taking control of your health and improving the quality of your life.   We are serious about your success!  Here are ways you can benefit from life management coaching.

  • educational support that inspires and motivates change from within
  • personalized, whole-body approach that takes into consideration your unique lifestyle
  • tracking of food and lifestyle habits
  • personalized blueprint or action plan that supports your doctor’s advise
  • weekly guidance for life-management and initiating new habits that support health
  • a safe space where you feel comfortable to share concerns
  • learn how to eliminate toxic exposure in food and your environment
  • accountability and motivational support to insure success with weight loss, increased energy, improved vitality and disease reversal
  • movement programs that target specific muscle groups and body awareness
  • free admittance to workshops, webinars, and online courses
  • a chance to live the kind of life you were meant to live

We’re only given a certain amount of hours in each day and it’s important that you maximize them as much as possible.
The question is, how are you doing with managing it all?
If you’re rolling your eyes and sighing, then you’re in the right place.
You will benefit from life management coaching.


Cathy lives in Roanoke, Virginia and specializes in supporting families who desire to change their relationship with health–the way they eat, feel and live.  She is a certified Health Coach & Educator with a strong passion for supporting each client in their journey to feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic.  Cathy presents workshops online and locally and regularly talks about real food, fitness, natural living, and all things ADHD.  

Cathy is the creator of the Holistic Wellness Academy, an online training platform that will soon provide other wellness advocates a place to share their expertise with their clients so they too can learn how to eat smart, move more, feel better and live longer.

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