Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

What does it mean to be gluten-free?

Until recently, I never knew that wheat has gone through many changes over the years. Once I began to do some heavy research, I learned about the impact this “modern” grain has on our bodies and our even more, on our brains.  Now that my husband and I are gluten-free, we are learning so much about this highly modified grain.  There are literally hundreds of diseases directly linked to the consumption of wheat products.  You know, the stuff that seems to be in almost every processed food out there, second to sugar and other chemicals!

Believe it or not, we DO NOT need grains in our diet to be healthy.  So living a gluten-free lifestyle just means that you introduce more real food into your diet and crowd out the bagels, cupcakes, crackers, etc.  As long as you eat products that contain wheat, your body will crave them.  Omit them and the cravings stop!  There is nothing magical that wheat and other grains offer you that you can’t get from eating fruits and vegetables.  Really!  They do add variety to your meals, however, and that helps people stretch their dollars.

Gluten-free IS a LIFESTYLE

I won’t tell you that going completely gluten-free will be easy at first.  As I mentioned, wheat is an appetite stimulant and your body craves it the more you eat it!  Some people go through what’s called a “wheat withdrawal” for a couple of days hen they begin to omit wheat.  But it’s a minor inconvenience when you weigh it against the ill effects of wheat (weight gain, cravings, skin problems, headaches, brain fog, etc.).  You may also feel as if there is little left to eat.  I can assure you, there are plenty of fantastic recipes out there and on this site.  If my bread-loving husband can stop eating wheat, so can you!!  Here is some information to help you along the way.

Once you feel the liberating effects of living without gluten, you just might be very tempted to eliminate it completely from your life.  There is lots of information hitting the internet and news rooms across the country about the production, use of, and problems pertaining to gluten and other grains.

PLEASE consider getting tested before you eliminate it from your diet!
We want to be sure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Why are people becoming so sick today?

How is it we’ve become a society that is literally eating its way to death?   The sadder fact is that the food and drug manufacturers know this very well and are delighted to profit from it.  It’s simply an industry that reaps the benefits from sales of cheap food and the consumers are the ones who are getting sick.   Now for the million dollar question…is it actually the genetically modified wheat that’s causing problems for people or is it the glusophate and  other toxic pesticides that continues to be injected into and sprayed on grains….just before harvest?  I can guarantee that researchers are currently working to find the answers.

We want you to be healthy and be knowledgeable.  So, the posts in this site will provide you with the latest information  about foods that make you sick and foods that promote a healthy body and brain.  Remember, the foods you eat do one of two things–they nourish you or they make you sick.  It’s up to you to listen to your body and determine how it affects you personally.

Connect the dots for yourself!

I’ve already been accused of ruining my husband’s love for eating…especially wheat products.  😉  But actually, I’ve just awakened his sense of awareness to make the connections between how he feels after eating the foods he enjoys.  Sometimes he notices his stomach starts griping 30 minutes after eating.  Other times he feels groggy and can’t understand why he has no energy.  He used to wake up most mornings with stomach problems and headaches.  But the important thing is that he now records what’s going on with his body and I record what I’ve fed him.  Then we can start omitting the foods that may be the culprit.

When you begin to take time and pay attention to the signals your body is constantly giving you, you will begin to make connections.  The blessing is that this heightened sense of awareness also helps you connect the dots in other areas of your life such as sleep and attitude.  It’s important that you listen to your body and share your findings with your doctor and health coach.

Are you willing to do the following?

1)  open your mind to the truth about the Standard American Diet
2) pay attention to how you feel after you eat certain foods
3)  do your research
4)  omit certain foods for a few days and observe how you feel

>> Gluten-Free processed foods – BEWARE! <<

You learn that wheat products cause you problems, and you think gluten-free foods are an options. Please don’t get trapped into thinking that all those wheat-free foods on the market are viable options.  That isn’t a solution because starches raise blood sugar levels and cause weight gain and more visceral fat.  Many of these products also contain a lot of sugar and fats!  Remember, when you eliminate wheat from a processed food, the replacement is starch and sugar.  My hope for you is to think “healthy”, not “substitution”.

Get even healthier today!

Would you like how to live a gluten-free for you and your family?  Are you curious about how health coaching can help you make that transition?  Then let’s talk!  All you have to do to begin is click here to schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today—or share this offer with someone you care about!  Isn’t it time to live your healthiest life possible today?


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