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Photo was taken at Buzzards Rock 4/16

Hi!  My name is Cathy Dick.  I live in Roanoke, Virginia next to the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  When I’m not working, I try to get out and walk, bike or hike and take in the fresh air and all magnificent views this area has to offer. I feel so blessed to have such an array of trails, Greenways, and recreational activities right in my own backyard.  I can also be found in the kitchen creating meal plans and mouth-watering dishes that are free of gluten and pack a nutritional punch.  I met my current, outstandingly awesome husband over a decade ago and we reside in Roanoke, VA. We have been blessed with 2 grandchildren who we thoroughly enjoy weekly.

My passions:

For many years I’ve walked people through change —awareness of their time and space, exploring alternatives to modern medicine and attitudes that can limit their desires and acceptance of their belief systems they were raised with. I enjoy showing my clients how to be in the present moment and truly appreciate setting goals to move them forward in their lives and create their personal reality and future.

I’ve always shared a passion for education, relationships with people and using my intuition and problem-solving skills to bring people closer to finding their own personal path and strengths.

My story:

I grew up in Arizona and after college, my curiosity was peaked when friends of mine invited me to take a summer trip up to Alaska.  After a few years I got married and had three children–yeah, it was a longer trip than expected–20 VERY long years!  When I wasn’t helping in the schools, I was running my own Preschool program and consulting with the parents of students who were struggling with ADHD.  My interest in ADHD began when I my son was diagnosed with low severity ADD.  That’s when I also discovered that my brother AND my dad struggled with high severity ADHD!  It all made sense.  I understood why I loved working with these incredibly creative and interesting people.


The famous Homer Spit

Living in such a remote place also gave me an opportunity to focus my time on my children and pursue my love of cooking, art, and health.  I was fascinated with the idea of melding all of those things together.  To this day, I still do.  I’ve learned a million tricks and hacks from some awesome Alaskans, that I thoroughly enjoy sharing with others.  We are what we eat, and the food choices we make today either promotes good health or causes illness as we age.  It’s important that we know where our food comes from, what our animal protein ate prior to slaughter and how to eat to foods that are nutrient dense, not nutrient deprived.

Health/Wellness Education

I received my Integrative Health & Nutrition Coaching (IHNC) certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York; the world’s largest nutrition school in the world.  My training taught me to help others understand how the body can heal itself with the introduction of foods.  I’ve always known that food, exercise, and quality sleep naturally heals the body.  But the training just confirmed my instinctive beliefs and experiences with my family and friends.  If you don’t want to be on medication for the rest of your life, then a wellness coach can help you eat smarter, move freely, feel better and live longer.

Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP)

Over the years I’ve read many books and medical journal articles about the negative effects of the proteins of wheat on the human body.  What I’ve learned absolutely appalled me!  After learning I could be trained to help people discover the number one cause of illness in the world, I jumped in full-steam ahead.  I’ve seen how the proteins of gluten cause a variety of problems that stump doctors.  (“The majority of Celiac patients said it took them an average of 5 to 10 years, after initial presentation, for celiac to be diagnosed.” Kumar V, American Celiac society)  Who would think one food could be so debilitating, pushed so heavily in the US, and cause so many deaths each year?  My GPC provides me the tools to help people test, identify and live a gluten-free lifestyle in the easiest way possible.

NIA Instructor

In 2012 my daughter suggested that we both take an intensive class in Seattle to obtain our NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) certification.  So after many l-o-n-g 12-hour days of being in our bare feet on hardwood floors, meditating, listening and sharing, we were finally awarded our white belt certification.  NIA is very well known in the western side of the US and classes are offered throughout the US, but here in Roanoke, it’s still a new concept.  Instead of actually teaching the routines, I decided to back up a bit and help people understand how to move freely and comfortably with music.  You can learn more here.  Integrative Sensory Movement classes will be offered locally throughout the year and online courses will soon be available through the Holistic Wellness Academy.

Published Recipe Creator

As I mentioned earlier, I love to create recipes.  I seem to have an innate intuition and wisdom when it comes to blending food.  I took on the challenge to enter one of my creations in the Healthy Taste of Home 2009 recipe contest.  Not only did my recipe get published, but they even used the recipe photo on the front of the cover!  WOW!   Give it a try with the link above and let me know what you think.

Herbal Practitioner

2019-2020 I will be working toward my Herbal Practitioner Certification.  I am so excited about this as one of my daughters just finished her training.  I also have formal training in Homeopathic treatment and Positive Psychology.  Most of my adult life I have had training in the areas of holistic healing, herbal medicine, food combining, aromatherapy and ADHD (how they think).  Because of this, I am able to offer many holistic tips, hacks, and suggestions to guide clients of all ages to feel their best.  I know that this certification will bring a lot of things together and fill some voids that I’ve been wanting to fill.  My family are my guinea pigs right now and learning right along me.

ADHD Consulting:

For over 25 years I have worked with families and children who have the characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). I have taught and coached teachers, school administrative staff, parents and conference participants to identify and create positive work/study environments that support these unique and gifted people with their unique learning styles. It doesn’t matter whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD or not – it’s the characteristics and strengths that you share that pose challenges for you, not the label! By choosing real foods that supports optimum brain health, getting your environment(s) to work best for YOU, and by applying simple tips and techniques, you CAN improve upon your concentration, distractibility, time and energy and live a more confident and structured life. Everyone is different and requires different approaches to achieve results.  And yes, everyone has a little ADD in them!

Other passions?


Home, Alaska boat harbor

Other passions of mine are teaching cooking classes to families, organic gardening, hydroponics, and appreciating how much the human body needs to move–a LOT!  🙂  Lastly, I love working with people in my community and learning from them.

My Future Goals

My goal is to promote better health in our community through education and support.  I am still building the Holistic Wellness Academy, where other holistic advocates can learn and share their expertise with others.   I will continue to offer programs, workshops, and webinars to help people lessen their confusion about getting and staying healthy.  Contact me today if you are ready to create a lifestyle that provides you with the opportunity to live your healthiest life possible.  Together we’ll create your personalized Healthy Lifestyle or Healthy Family Lifestyle Plan.

Momentum begins with that very first step… one degree forward.
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