My Gluten-Free Story

Making a decision to begin to live a gluten-free lifestyle is not a decision that comes easily to most people.   That’s why your story is so important to me.  You may have been given no choice because any trace of wheat makes you violently sick (Celiac Disease).  Your story may be about how your body reacts negatively or is intolerant to wheat (migraines, skin rashes, fatigue, depression, abdominal problems, painful joints).   This means you have a Gluten-Related Disorder.  You may have learned how the proteins of wheat not only negatively affects the body but also affects your brain!

Any way you look at your new gluten-free lifestyle, I know you have a story to tell.  Why?  Because my husband and I have chosen to stop eating products that contain wheat for completely different reasons.  And the transition….let’s just say it took some time to learn how wheat negatively affected us and how we managed to transform our lives.

Why do I want your story?

I am collecting stories from people who struggled through the discovery and transition of something that is negatively affecting millions of people around the world.   I hope to make that discovery and transition easier for new-comers to the gluten-free journey. As you know, the journey to learn what was sucking the life out of you probably affected you emotionally as much as mentally and physically.  Now that you are on the “healing” side of the journey, people may like to learn how you are managing in a world where wheat is found in almost everything.  Because of it’s addictive properties, changing how you eat can be quite a challenge!

Looking back, what things made the most impact for you?  How long did it take you to finally learn that one food could cause you to feel so crummy, and for so long?  What tricks have you learned to help you stay gluten-free?  The canvas is all yours!  Please share your story and experiences with us so we can inspire others and help them learn what signs to look for, who to talk to and where to find answers FASTER.



How does it feel you share your experiences?

Would you like help maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle?  If so, I’m here to help.  You can contact me for a free chat to help you successfully live your healthiest life possible!