Organizing Strategies

Organizing Strategies

Everyone isn’t designed to be a “born organizer.”

If you live in the Roanoke Valley, you can take advantage of a professional organizer who was born with intuitive organizing strategies.  You no longer have to allow clutter to take over your home….your focus….your energy….and your life.

Do you find that concentration is more difficult in certain spaces?  If so, stand in the middle of a room and take a look around you.  Assess all the things that are laying around the floor, on horizontal surfaces, or filling up wall space.   Notice all the shapes, sizes, colors and contrasting textures that fill your space.  Now ask yourself if you think that kind of environment invites or prohibits creative thought, concentration, or simply enjoyment of your space.  Write down what you like and what you don’t like.

No more piles of papers and mountains of clutter!

Household or office clutter can quickly take on a life of its own if left unmaintained.  That’s because clutter is like loud noise to our eyes!  What starts off as just a few “things” here and there can end up as a mountain of things that becomes overwhelming and impossible to manage.  The longer things are left unattended, the more they will pile up and take over!

People who have the characteristics of ADD must have an environment that is free of clutter.   They must have spaces that works for their unique needs.  It doesn’t matter if you are a child or adult struggling with ADHD or not.  We know how overwhelming clutter of all kinds makes you feel.   And we know that trying to tackle clutter is very difficult when you just don’t know where to begin.

Organizing strategies is fool proof!

Let us help you begin the process one step at a time.  We will help you:

  • maximize your space and identify what’s important to you.  Nope, you can’t say everything!  🙂
  • discover hidden storage space.
  • learn how to prioritize what things to keep, to gift, to donate and to sell.
  • discover new tips and techniques so you don’t procrastinate and temporarily dump things off any longer.
  • learn how to maintain your space so things are where you need them.  Imagine how it would feel to find things quickly and effortlessly, and with less frustration!
  • learn to set time limits for organizing.
  • ditch the old and make room for the new.
  • learn to have a place for everything and put everything in its place.
  • We even offer Virtual Organizing strategies as well!

Are you ready for a fresh start?

Give yourself the opportunity to think and create an environment that promotes success.   You can reach your full potential only when your environment works for you, and it’s truly much easier than you think.  No longer do you have to live in the chaos.  It’s time to free your eyes and free the mind from cluttered spaces.  You will truly feel the difference!!

Contact us today for a free consultation.  If you need help and live in Roanoke or surrounding area, we are here to help.  If you live elsewhere, consider Virtual Organizing.  Yes, we walk you through the entire process.


Cathy lives in Roanoke, Virginia and specializes in supporting families who desire to change their relationship with health–the way they eat, feel and live.  She is a certified Health Coach & Educator with a strong passion for supporting each client in their journey to feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic.  Cathy presents workshops online and locally, and regularly talks about real food, fitness, natural living, and all things ADHD.  

Cathy is the creator of the Holistic Wellness Academy, an online training platform that will soon provide other wellness advocates a place to share their expertise with their clients so they too can learn how to eat smart, move more, feel better and live longer.

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