Post Session Recap

It is a known fact that the more you read, hear AND do something, the better you will remember it. This is because you are using all three of your modality strengths. When there is a desire for change to occur in a person’s life, this fact becomes a very important tool to use to achieve success. This Post Session Strategy Form is a tool to help you solidify what we discussed during our call. It enables you to use all of your modalities in order to “imprint” the information into your brain.

When you write out your thoughts, you use your kinesthetic modality (the act of physically writing). Reading it uses your visual modality. But using your auditory modality (reading it loud), is just as important, and something most people don’t do. Did you know that 80% of all people are auditory/visual learners? Using this modality heightens the other modalities, which in turn helps you process and remember what you have learned. When you really want to imprint something on your brain, say the words out loud so your brain hears it!!

Since people are strong in any or all of these three modalities, everyone can benefit from doing all three when you truly want to imprint information and be able to recall it easier at any given point in the future.

Please take a few minutes to write out the highlights from our conversation, then read them out loud to yourself. (I am not sure if I can customize this form and have it sent to you. So in the meantime, I will send it to you once I receive it). This is simply for your journaling records.

Once you complete the questions, don’t forget to take a few minutes to close your eyes and absorb what we discussed. If you find it easiest to pause before filling in the questions, do so. If you submit the form to me and decide to change your responses, that’s okay. Find the way that words best for you, then submit your answers.

Coaching Post Recap Form

  • Please fill out the questions below and submit them after each of our sessions together. This step will help solidify what we discussed to keep them fresh in your mind. It also provides me with the steps you feel are most important for you to work on until our next call. I will answer any questions or make comments that may assist you until our next time together. You can also use this form to journal your experiences too.