Reading Tutor Cover Letter


I am applying for the Reading Tutor contract position that is currently posted on your site. I am very interested in helping to support families and students in an online tutoring platform.  You will find that I am a life-long educator who thoroughly loves rediscovering life through the eyes of a child.  I chose to become a teacher for K-3 when I was very young.  Children this age are like sponges, and when provided the right tools and experiences, an instructor can help provide a positive foundation for curiosity and learning that will last a lifetime.  I believe that all children should have an opportunity to experience learning by using all of their senses and personal learning strengths.  As a result, I offer a variety of techniques and ideas to help students process and retain information in a fun and multi-sensory way.

I have taught in-seat and online classes with much success.  While instructing online is a bit more challenging, it is still possible to keep kids engaged and excited about learning.  Breaking instruction into small chunks of time allows students to absorb and process information, while giving them an opportunity to breathe, hydrate and get the wiggles out so they can dive back in.  Focusing on students displaying positive behaviors helps those who are not to “rethink” how they may be affecting others in the group, and make better choices. Reading each student’s body language provides clues to help change things up, take a break or quicken the pace.  This is why I use flash cards, write-on/wipe-off boards, props and signs as some of my online tools.

As you can see from my resume, I also work with families as a nanny.  I bring my own “tool bag” with me to these jobs so the children will always have new, fun and interesting things to occupy time, instead of sitting and staring at a screen.  Opening up the creative mind is a passion of mine, so I plant as many seeds as possible to help children explore the world they live in with excitement and joy.  I am proud to say that the children I taught in my private preschool school years ago were all at the top of their classes in high school!

My strengths include creative problem solving, personable communication skills, encouraging people to take a vested interest in an awareness of self and finding easy alternatives to challenging situations.  While managing my health education / coaching business, I’ve learned that trust, humor, authenticity, creativity and a lot of patience are vital when helping people set out on their personal wellness journeys.  I’ve also learned that motivation must come from within for personal goals to be set and positive change to occur.  As unique individuals, we are all trying to maintain a delicate and natural “dance” between time, work, family, play and life.

I am searching for a part-time position that I can continue to enjoy for a few years. I welcome the opportunity to discuss further how I can help you continue to meet the needs of the families (and children) you serve.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Cathryn L. Dick