About Us

One Degree Forward’s Objectives:

At One Degree Forward, we help people navigate through all of the confusion surrounding health care today.  We are committed to providing you with the latest up-to-date, scientifically-backed information so you can make better choices and decisions for your health.  We offer  programs and personalized coaching that revolves around 5 critical elements of well being:

Social Well Being
Emotional Awareness
Nutritional Nourishment
Physical Movement
Environmental Factors

If you are out of alignment in any of these areas, you will be out of alignment in other areas.  When you work with us, you will learn to integrate these five critical elements of wellness into your lifestyle.  This is because so many diseases are a result of poor lifestyle habits.

We focus on three very important parts of well being–restoring immune health, reducing the amount of stress in your life, and renewing energy from within.  If you struggle with any of these things and want turn them around, we can help.

Disease Management vs. Wellness Care

To help you understand how we differ from standard medical care today, we thought we’d clarify things right off the bat!  Disease management, or standard western medical care today treats the symptoms people are experiencing.  This is considered disease management–treating the symptom with a medication.  Doctors aren’t trained in low-cost methods of health intervention, the nature of health, and the nature of health promotion. They are trained to use specific protocols in most situations.  In turn, they are adding something from the outside – a medication, surgery or procedure to treat symptoms.  This approach is perfect for serious problems, but not for the myriad of conditions that over 80% of people go to see their doctors about–the things that require lifestyle changes to reverse.

Wellness care on the other hand, focuses on health promotion and prevention.  It actually removes anything that may interfere with the natural healing ability of the body.  As a result, the focus is on what might be causing the problems that are expressing themselves as symptoms.  Instead of using protocols, a health education specialist takes a step-by-step approach to healing the whole body.  We dig deep to learn why the body is struggling and uncover the underlying causes that are causing the symptoms.

A health education specialist understands that the body knows what to do if nothing is interfering with it and causing it to break down.  But when the body is exposed to many internal and external toxins, unresolved stress, inadequate sleep and poor food choices, it causes an internal war within us. This causes a lot of confusion and system blockages within the body.  This war can express itself as gut problems, skin irritations, allergies, immune conditions, joint pain, brain fog, depression, aggression, anxiety, obesity, and so much more.  In other words, the entire body and brain no longer operates like it is designed to.

Isn’t it time to give your body an opportunity to begin to heal?  Isn’t it time to take back control of your health?  We are here to help you…one degree at a time.