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Will you share your story about why you eat healthier today?

Did you know that your personal health story can inspire others to take their first steps toward creating a healthier lifestyle and living a longer, happier life?  To you that might not sound like much, but to the person you’ve inspired, it may be huge!

What were you previously experiencing/feeling before making changes?

Our world today is filled is so many toxic things–from products to food to people.  We are constantly surrounded by things that enter our body and cause it to slow down, break down and age faster.  We can’t escape all toxins, but we CAN do our best to avoid them whenever possible.  If you weren’t previously privy to all the things that cause the body to carry around a toxic burden, then you have probably experienced more than enough fatigue, aches and pains and brain fog.  How did any of these things affect your work performance and daily life?  Did you feel like you were being drained of energy that you felt you should naturally have?  How did it make you feel when pain kept you from doing the things you wanted to do?  What did it feel like to misplace keys for the tenth time or you forgot something important, or you simplys couldn’t think clearly?  This is a great place to begin your story.

Who or what inspired you?

Did someone or something suddenly inspire you to eat healthier?  Or perhaps you participated in a workshop or webinar, read a book, or heard something on the news that inspired you.  Maybe it was due to a health condition or advice from your doctor or health professional that caused you to make changes.  Whatever that pivoting point was, we’d love to hear what and when it was as you share it with others.  If we are to change how our community eats and thinks about food, it will take stories like yours to help drive that change.  Go back in time and think about what or who inspired you and share that.  Provide a clear picture, links, books or anything else another person can visualize or do themselves.

Why was it important for you to make the choice to change your food choices?  What did you do personally that made the difference?

This is the most important part of your story!  Did you create the changes because you wanted to or because someone else asked or told you to?  Your story can help someone else recognize similar patterns that you may be dealing with. Your journey is what may spark them to take their first steps to choosing organic produce over conventional.  They may decide to reduce the amount of processed foods they consume or stop drinking sodas.  Your “why” can be a very powerful motivator for someone to create change!  And the steps you took can inspire them to continue on their new health journey.

How do feel now?  What has changed?

This is the second most important part of your story!  Before you felt [blank] and now your feel [blank].  You can inspire someone else to feel better, have more energy or simply look and feel like they did years ago again.  Maybe someone has been struggling with weight retention for decades and perhaps another person has dealt with headaches or heartburn.  They never thought about considering removing gluten from their diet or knew how drinking less coffee could change the ph of their intestinal tract or reduce headaches.  The changes you’ve experienced could be just what someone else, who may be suffering from similar symptoms, needs to hear.  They WANT to feel better, but they just didn’t know where to start.

What motivates you to continue to live a healthier lifestyle?

Your personal health journey may motivate others to take control of their own health now, instead of pushing it off for a “better time” sometime in the future.  Our fast-paced world causes many people to procrastinate when it comes to personal health.  Your story may help someone learn that they are not alone with the problems they may be experiencing.  Through your personal stories, we hope to inspire people to seek help beyond western medicine.  We want to encourage them to use REAL nourishing food.  We’re ready to create a healthier community.  Are you with us?  Let’s do this together!

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