Share Your Story With Us!

Help others use food as their medicine!

Please share your health story by filling out the form below, then easily upload your document.  Our primary goal is to help people learn how to use food as medicine.   We want others to know why you made changes and how you did it!

You had to make a commitment to yourself at some point, right?  This commitment caused you to plan and shop differently.  It caused you to change how and what you ate.  Making those changes weren’t easy or quick, but you did it!  You have an opportunity to share why and how you decided to make the switch.   Perhaps you decided to switch to buying organic foods, live a gluten-free or vegetarian lifestyle, or stop eating processed or sugary foods.  Your inspiring story can be that spark that helps others learn how you stayed motivated as you took the steps needed for better health and happiness.

To help you, you can follow the format provided which is explained more in this post:

  • What were you previously experiencing/feeling before making changes?
  • Who or what inspired you?
  • Why was it important for you to change your food choices?  What did you do personally that made the difference?
  • How do feel now?  What changed?
  • What motivates you to continue to live a healthier life style?

This is my story...



Than you so much for taking time to share your story!!