What is Emotional Well Being?

Emotional well being – No. 2 of our 5 elements

Have you ever noticed how much your energy gets sucked out of you when you feel overwhelmed, angry, anxious, sad or depressed?  You feel sluggish,  your appitie decreases and your sleep suffers.  Your emotional well being is vital to your optimal health!

When your body stays in a state of emotional stress, most of your organs shut down.  Your body is designed to give you red flags when something is wrong or out of balance.  But if you feel like all you do is put out fires around you, you won’t be able to see or feel the red flags your body is trying so hard to get you to notice.  This is called awareness.  The more stress you are under, the more you react to situations that are fired at you.  And the more you react, instead of intentionally responding to situations, the less aware you are of your internal guidance system.  That guidance system–those red flags–is your protector against all external stimuli.  It’s like a shield that, when dropped, allows anything to penetrate you.

How to optimize your emotional well being

There are so many people who dislike their jobs, or wish they lived in a better place, drove a better vehicle, or had a more loving relationship.  These feelings all create an unbalanced and unhealthy internal guidance system that gets turned all the way down or all the way off.  This imbalance can make you feel horrible about yourself….and your life.  And it can keep you from moving forward in productive and positive ways.  How you respond to these negative situations will determine how quickly you start to turn that dial back up again.

Why is this part of our Healthy Lifestyle Plan?

This element is so important because if you struggle with self-acceptance or have a low self-concept about who you are, you might always feel victimized, unhappy or in a state of always wishing or hoping for something better.  And who wants to do anything productive or even excert any energy into anything when we feel crummy about ourselves!

  • With guidance, you will learn how to become more aware of when your body is signaling you and what your body is trying to tell you. Only then can you start making positive changes to support your body and brain.  This journey into self-awareness is probably the most powerful and enlightening part of our program.  Without it, you will never feel your body’s awesome radar system or listen to its sensitive intuition–and learn from them.  Your body knows what it needs and you will know how to seek further information and respond!
  • We also show you how to accept yourself in all of your perfectly imperfect glory so you can feel empowered to make changes for the things you truly want.  Instead of hoping for a better future, we will help you create it–one degree at a time!  After all, if you don’t love who you are, the way you are, how can you love others and find the motivation to create positive changes for your life?
  • We will teach you how to look for and acknowledge all of those small precious moments in your life that you have been overlooking.  Searching for and acknowledging the small things in each day re-routes your brain to continue to keep a lookout for special, touching, humorous or just silly moments–moments that make you smile and grateful.
  • Another area in a person’s life that defines who they are and a sense of security is career satisfaction.  Too many people feel as if they are stuck in a job that they truly don’t enjoy.  Going to work daily becomes a huge burden that slowly eats away at their spirit and sense of being. They worry, lose sleep, and feel overwhelmed and stressed.  Whether you love or hate your job, want to start a new hobby or relationship or desire a healthier work-home balance, we know you can master anything you put your mind to if you have support.

Your emotional well being sets the foundation for your optimal health.  When you love yourself and accept everything about who you truly are, you empower yourself from within to tackle all other external obstacles.  During this part of our program, you build confidence and courage to map out what you want your future to look like.  Then we begin to create the action steps needed to dive into the next three elements.  We can hardly wait to see you evolve into the person you know you can become!  We are here every step of the way!

We focus on these different areas when it comes to emotional well being:

Awareness / Mindfulness
Career Satisfaction

How strong is your emotional well being?   How would you answer the following questions?

  1. How often do you make time to pause and clear your mind daily?
  2. How do you truly feel about yourself and your life as it is now?
  3. In what ways do you think about or show gratitude for the things in life that matter most to you?
  4. If you aren’t happy with your job, home life, relationships or spiritual self, when will you do something to create positive changes in any or all of them?

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