What is Emotional Well Being?

What is Emotional Well Being?

Emotional well being – No. 2 of our 5 elements

Have you ever noticed how much your energy gets sucked out of you when you feel overwhelmed, angry, anxious, sad or depressed?  There is good reason for this.  When your body stays in a state of emotional stress, many organs shut down.  YOU are the only one who is able to turn that switch down so your body can talk to you and you are able to listen.

Constant stress can damage your intestines, cause skin problems, join pain, headaches and a host of other problems if left unattended. Family, friends, work, finances, and your home environment can cause tremendous stress levels that last for years. It’s no wonder so many people feel tired all day long.  In order to reduce stress, you must have a plan that you are willing to follow through with.  But you can conquer these things that drain you emotionally and physically by opening up your mind.  Awareness is the first step to healing emotions from within.  The more aware you are of your stress levels and emotions, you can use some very simple and inexpensive tricks to help you feel great again.

We focus on these different areas when it comes to emotional well being:

Awareness / Mindfulness
Using Essential Oils
Stress Management
Spiritual Self

When it comes to your emotional well being, how would you answer the following questions?

  1. Do you take time to be still and allow yourself time to clear your mind?
  2. Are you grateful for what life has given you and for the people around you?
  3. Do you feel that you usually handle stressful situations in positive, well thought out ways?
  4. How often do you get in touch with your spiritual self?

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