What is Environmental Well Being?

What is Environmental Well Being?

Environmental Well Being – No. 4 of our 5 elements

More often than not, environmental well being seems to always take a back seat to everything else we deal with on a daily basis.  Most people don’t understand how toxic our environment can be and in what ways that environment impacts our emotional, physical and nutritional health.  It takes years for your body to become compromised and show physical signs like arthritis, diabetes, constant fatigue along with other problems and diseases so many people experience today.  Too often, feeling tired is thought of to be a sign of old age, not toxic buildup.

Your home and workplace environment can cause so many problems for your brain and body.  Think about the products you use to wash your hands with, chemicals we expose our hands to while cleaning, or even the way you cook or reheat the foods you eat.   How about the chemicals used to control pests in and around your home or workplace, or the off-gases from floor coverings, plastic containers and other plastic products that surround you.  All of these things can negatively impact not only your health, but the global environment as well.  But that’s only a small part of what we cover within this element.

We feel that knowledge is power.

This element of well being is so important because it covers things most people don’t really think about as being unhealthy.  Consider for a moment how happy you are with your job, or how you are valued at work.  Now consider how that unhappiness causes internal stress and affects how you eat, how much you get out and socialize or how you feel about yourself.  The more dissatisfied a person is with their job, the higher the potential for them to become depressed, so they take medications in hopes of relief.  Then they may experience adverse side effects from the medication….  As you can see, a spiral effect occurs.

Smart people know that happiness is key to being successful.  When you are happy, you have a more positive outlook on life.  You learn how to optimize your day, manage your time and stay organized.  You realize the importance of daily structure because it helps you find a good balance that keeps you on top of your game.  This balance is necessary as you navigate your way in the world and create goals that make your life happier and easier.

Why is this part of our Healthy Lifestyle Plan?

We focus on these areas when it comes to environmental well being:

Environmental Toxicity
Career Satisfaction
Managing Time
Organizational Management

When it comes to your environmental well being, how would you answer the following questions?

  1. Do you have enough money to do the things you want to do?
  2. How often do you try to avoid toxic substances in your home and food?
  3. At work, are you able to use your strengths and enjoy doing what you do best every day?
  4. When was the last time you planned a trip or vacation for yourself and/or family?
  5. Does your home reflect your true personality and comfort, or does it reflect chaos?

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