What is Nutritional Well Being?

What is Nutritional Well Being?

Nutritional well being – No. 1 of our 5 elements

Our last element for attaining optimum health is nutritional well being.  Here, our focus is on…you guessed it…food!  But not only that, we also take into consideration how food responds in the body and with meal planning.  I know from experience the importance of planning out the weekly menu.  Without a plan, less than optimal choices are made and health begins to suffer.  So the journey begins with the role food plays in our overall health.

You are what you eat!  A healthy outside starts from the inside. When it comes to nutritional health, many people think of food and supplements.  But what is REAL food?  Real food is meant to nourish the body and brain, not to fill an empty void within the stomach.  Today, most people eat to ease depressed feelings, fulfill a craving or due to tempting commercials and advertisements that bombard them daily.  If you want optimum health, begin by knowing and appreciating where your food comes from.  Then make time to plan, shop and create simple dishes that nourish and benefit your body’s unique needs.

We focus on these areas of Nutritional well being:

Home Cooking
Gut Health / Digestion
Understanding Cravings
Food Combining
Meal Planning 

When it comes to your nutritional well being, how would you answer the following questions?

  1.  Do you prepare your own meals on a regular basis each week?
  2.  Are you experiencing problems within hours after you eat a large meal?
  3.  Are you willing to try new foods and experiment with different colors, flavors and textures?
  4.  Can you carve out time weekly to plan and assemble easy dishes?

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