What is Physical Well Being?

What is Physical Well Being?

Physical well being – No. 3 of our 5 elements

When people think of physical well being, their mind thinks, “exercise.”  Then they begin to think about the pain and sweat that follows.  When we treat the whole body, we look at the entire physical body and take into account how well the brain and all inner systems function.  Stress, lack of sleep and poor self-care affect all elements of our well being.  So it stands to reason that our physical health is a reflection of how well we treat what’s inside.

Physical health is more than exercise

Your mind and the body are closely linked together.  Even though western medicine separates the two, we treat them as if they are tightly connected.  So often our sedentary life allow emotions to become locked inside of us.  Freedom of movement opens up channels to your emotional health.  This “freedom of movement” is includes flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.  Together they allow a fluid movement of blood and oxygen to enter the brain, massage our organs and energize us for long periods of time.

When your are in peak physical health, you release endorphins– those powerful chemicals that energize you and lift your mood.  But for this to work effectively, your entire being has to be on board.  As a result, we feel that meditation and restorative sleep work harmoniously with how well the body moves.  Daily routines for relaxing and energizing the body and mind together gives you the most powerful results.  In the end, sleep comes naturally and the body’s healing systems do their miraculous healing work automatically.

We consider the following when we talk about physical well being:

Holistic Movement
Brain Health
Heart Health
Sleep / Meditation

When it comes to your physical well being, how would you answer the following questions?

  1. Do you exercise regularly to improve health?
  2. Do you have enough mental and physical energy to get things done each day?
  3. Do you get “restorative sleep” each night?
  4. Do you often complain about digestive problems?

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