What is Physical Well Being?

What is Physical Well Being?

Physical well being – No. 3 of our 5 elements

When you think of physical well being, you might likely think, “exercise.”  Then you probably begin to think about all the time, pain and undesirable effort that follows.  You probably think that you have to invest at least 30-45 minutes a day in “exercise.”  But this just isn’t true.

When we talk about physical well being, we look at the entire physical body and take into account how well the brain and all of your inner systems function–together. We’re talking about the body as a whole.  We know that your inner health responds to environmental stressors.  If you struggle with nutrition, stress, lack of sleep or poor relationships, just to name a few, it affects everything within you.  But it’s also true that how you feel from within (your thoughts, emotions, digestion, self-concept) affects how you respond to external stimuli and stressors.

This delicate balance is something that most people struggle with daily.  We are all emotional beings, and our emotions can get the best of us.  They cause us to react instead of respond and take things personally.  But when you have a good balance, you are more confident and you feel great, you move with intention and purpose.  You think more clearly and see possibilities.  You are more open to challenge yourself and try new things.  This is the kind of balance I want for you!

Physical health is more than exercise

Your mind and body should work harmoniously together.  Even though western medicine tends to separate the two, wellness advocates treat them as if they are one.  We understand that in order for the body to stay fit physically, it has to feel good inside AND out.

Foods that fuel your body throughout each and every day help to provide the energy needed to keep your body and brain alert and awake.  Stress management helps you maintain an awareness of your body, mentally and physically, for times when you need to relax and remove yourself from toxic environments.  And restorative sleep helps the body and brain repair itself during those critical hours of the night.  But making time to play is something that seems so difficult for people to do.  It’s as if, once we become adults, play becomes something of the past that we can’t afford to do any longer.  Why is this?  Connecting with others and engaging in fun, social activities–that stretch your brain and/or body–is vital to staying healthy and young at heart.

Why is this part of our Healthy Lifestyle Plan?

This third element is so important to your Healthy Lifestyle Plan because it easily encompasses the whole body.

  • Our bodies are designed to move in unique and numerous ways. It will always thirst for more by sending you information (stiffness, restlessness and tingling sensations, etc.) Movement provides the body with its much-needed flow of blood and oxygen to all parts of your body and brain. Movement provides energy and life into every cell. Our program helps you create a routine for movement that offers variety and is comfortable, fun, enjoyable and easy to fit into your weekly schedule.
  • Our program also helps you identify which of the elements causes you the most imbalance that threatens your need for quality, restorative sleep. We make sure your environment promotes a space that is peaceful, foods that encourage proper digestion at the proper time, and routines that set your brain to rest.
  • And everyone today needs to learn how to turn off the stress switch so all of your body systems can function at optimal levels.  We offer the strategies and support you need to identify, manage and regulate stressors so you always feel in control of your emotions and daily intentions.
  • When it comes to play, we help you reconnect with your inner child and remind you of the things that bring you joy. Whether you enjoy playing with your grandchildren, redefine old hobbies or take up a new one, everyone needs to play, socialize and laugh with others.

This element cannot be overlooked or approached in the wrong way.  This is why we are here to help you succeed in creating a healthy balance, so you develop a strong and positive sense of physical well being.

We will help you master the following areas of your physical well being:

Holistic Movement
Sleep & Meditation
Stree Management

When it comes to your physical well being, how would you answer the following questions?

  1. What kind of movement plan do you have in place each week?
  2. What do you do to ensure you get the best sleep possible to feel refreshed the next day?
  3. How do you manage negative stressors when you are tired, overwhelmed or overworked?
  4. What things do you do that reminds you of the fun, playful times when you were a child?

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